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Welcome to ALP Productions, where we create a wide range of content including films, short films, and music videos spanning various genres. Our endeavors extend to hosting events such as Film Festivals, Workshops, Celebrity Interviews, and more within the entertainment sphere. We are committed to providing a platform for independent artists to showcase their talents, offering them the opportunity to participate in our podcasts. You can find us on our YouTube channel where we conduct online and offline podcasts featuring independent filmmakers, singers, and artists from the entertainment industry. 


Educational sessions led by independent artists.

Learn filmmaking and more with independent filmmakers from around the world.

Would you like to share your art?

Share your filmmaking journey, music composition process, shot setup tips, and the story behind your incredible art. We invite independent artists from various fields to exhibit their creative talents.


ALP International Film Festival

Each year, we hold free film festivals just for independent filmmakers. We bring in experts from around the world to give advice to independent filmmakers in categories like Short Film, Phone-Shot Short Film, International Short Film, Music Video, Short Documentary, and Short Animation.

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Near Prince Public School, Meharuli - 110030


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