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Chandu Champion Film Review: A Cinematic Triumph by Kabir Khan with a Stellar Performance by Kartik Aaryan

I was eagerly awaiting this film because when I watched the trailer, I was blown away. It felt different, and with Kabir Khan's recent dedication and hard work, I believed this might be one of his biggest films. Kartik Aaryan stars in the lead role, and he carries every scene and the entire film on his shoulders. The first 40 minutes were a light dose and felt a bit boring, but the cinematography throughout was stunning. After those initial 40 minutes, the film took a dramatic turn that had me glued to my seat, unable to look away. I experienced a whirlwind of emotions—crying, laughing, and feeling proud that miracles do happen when you have confidence. Kartik's performance was phenomenal, and I believe it’s his best yet. He’s consistently delivering his best in every film, and I’m proud to see his progress in Bollywood.

One critique I have is the editing of the emotional scenes. Just when I was getting emotionally invested, the scenes would abruptly change angles, disrupting my connection with the film. Everything else in the film was excellent, and I feel blessed to have watched it. Vijay Raaz, as the supporting actor and coach, was the cherry on top with his charm, aura, and style. Seeing Rajpal Yadav on the big screen after a long time in such a well-chosen film made me very happy.

I genuinely want this movie to reach a wide audience, not just because of the actors, but because of the way it has been made. Kabir Khan’s direction is superb, and everyone in the film delivers outstanding performances. Unfortunately, despite his impressive filmmaking, people seem reluctant to watch his films. His production values are high and accurate, and his biographies are very well-crafted.

When I watched the film in the theater, it was almost empty. There were only about 15 people there on a weekend, and I felt bad for Kabir Khan. The Kashmir attack scene, shot in a single take with incredibly realistic VFX, was particularly impactful and felt like it was happening right in front of me.

Overall, I’d give this film an 8/10. It fell short in some emotional scenes and the music choice, but the background score was a highlight. If you’re reading this review, do watch "Chandu Champion."

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