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Kill Film Review : A Stellar Blend of Action and Emotion in Bollywood's Latest Gem

Yesterday, I experienced the best action film Bollywood has to offer! Packed with more violence than the film "Animal," this movie is titled "Kill." With a runtime of just 1 hour and 55 minutes, it's perfectly paced. The story is simple yet captivating, striking a balance between compelling narrative and exhilarating action.

The plot centers around a hero who is a Black Commando, deeply in love with a girl destined to marry someone chosen by her father. On the day of her engagement, the hero appears and proposes they elope, a scene depicted beautifully without any cringe-worthy dialogues. The writing team has done an exceptional job, ensuring the couple's exchanges feel authentic and endearing.

The turning point comes when the girl and her family board a train, only for her to realize her boyfriend is also on board. He proposes to her in the bathroom, and everything seems to be going well. Then enters Raghav Juyal, known for his dancing and comedic hosting, who plays the villain with astonishing prowess. His dialogue delivery and portrayal of anger and humor are simply outstanding, stealing the show.

Lakshya, the film's hero, marks his debut with this role, transitioning from TV serials to the big screen. His voice, aura, and overall presence are powerful and commendable. Watching him and Raghav share the screen was a real treat.

The action sequences are exceptional—smooth, innovative, and flawlessly executed. The gore and disturbing elements are seamlessly integrated, making for an engaging watch. Lakshya's debut is one of the best in Bollywood, and he undoubtedly has a bright future. Raghav’s performance is polished, making his character thoroughly enjoyable.

I would rate this film 9/10. While the story and action sequences are perfect, the Mexican score for Raghav’s character felt a bit out of place. The background music could have been better, but it didn't detract from the film's overall impact. This is the kind of cinema Bollywood needs. The Indian film industry is back!

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