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Laapataa Ladies - A Cinematic Delight by Kiran Rao

I finally watched Laapataa Ladies and all I can say is WOW! Kiran Rao has truly outdone herself as a director. From start to finish, I was captivated by the film's progression and delighted by how every character was portrayed flawlessly.

The film features three lead actors, each bringing their unique essence to the story, adding a cherry on top of this cinematic experience. The cinematography, storytelling, and acting were all exceptional.

Ravi Kishan’s portrayal of an inspector was a standout. Despite his character’s corrupt practices, his performance was so charming that you couldn’t help but like him. Sparsh Shrivastav, who impressed me in Jamtara, excelled once again. The song "Sajni" was beautifully shot, and his scene where he nervously admits to his wife that he knows a little English was endearing. His expressions conveyed his nervousness perfectly, making it a memorable moment.

Pratibha Ranta, playing an educated girl, was fantastic. Her friendly and encouraging demeanor towards Deepak’s (Sparsh Shrivastav) family was heartwarming. In every family scene, she gently guided them, highlighting their potential and the beauty of life, urging them to make the most of their talents.

Nitanshi Goel as Phool Kumari delivered a standout performance. Her innocence and honesty were captivating, stealing the show. Without giving away any spoilers, her portrayal in the song "Sajni" beautifully depicted her daily thoughts of Deepak and her hope that he would come and find her.

The film's vibrant colors reminded me of Anand L Rai’s work, particularly Raksha Bandhan and Atrangi Re. These colors evoke hope and love, enhancing the film’s emotional depth.

The supporting cast also played a crucial role, each actor giving their best to elevate the film. I experienced a range of emotions—laughing, crying, and ultimately smiling, as the film concluded with a heartwarming, happy ending.

I would rate Laapataa Ladies a perfect 10/10. Bollywood needs more films like this, as they reflect our maturity and understanding of contemporary issues. Supporting such films is essential to encourage filmmakers to continue creating meaningful cinema for Indian audiences. Thank you, Kiran Rao, for this wonderful film.

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