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Munjya Film Review: A Promising Start Undermined by an Identity Crisis

Munjya, the latest horror-comedy from the makers of Stree and Bhediya, tries to capture their signature blend of scares and laughs. While those films struck a good balance, Munjya fumbles. Jump scares and a CGI ghoul can't save the uneven story and lack of genuine chills or humor.

Based on a Konkan myth, Munjya starts strong. Bittu (Abhay Verma) returns to his village with his family, only to encounter a vengeful spirit, the 'munjya.' The first thirty minutes are gripping, but a twist undermines the tension.

The 'munjya' loses its bite, becoming more of an annoyance than a scary entity. The film tries to make it quirky, like Casper or Gollum, but this backfires. Munjya struggles to find its footing, unsure if it wants to be scary or family-friendly.

The plot gets messy after the initial hook. A stereotypical comic relief sidekick, a bizarre exorcism, and a tacked-on romance subplot all clutter the narrative. The film's social commentary on patriarchy feels forced and shallow.

Despite the flaws, there are bright spots. Verma delivers a likable performance as the bewildered Bittu, and veteran actress Ila Joshi is a delight as his grandmother. The lush Konkan visuals are a treat for the eyes. However, Mona Singh is wasted in a weak role.

Overall, Munjya is a missed opportunity. It starts with promise but gets lost in its own muddled identity. If you're looking for genuine scares or laugh-out-loud moments, this film isn't it.

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